Films on The Narth Autumn Programme

The Autumn programme of films to be shown in the Village Hall is now available.  Films start at 7.30 pm – Admission £4.50 (no need to book in advance)
Tea, coffee & ice cream available – or bring your own wine
Contact: Marilyn Dunkelman, 01600 860031

Friday 26th September

Films Edge of TomorrowEdge of Tomorrow

Director:  Doug Liman
Stars:  Tom Cruise, Emily Blunt
The best of the summer box office hits, this is Groundhog Day meets War of the Worlds. It combines an original and thought-provoking story, a lot of humour and wit, and the excitement of a great, well-paced action movie. There’s a strong woman’s role for Emily Blunt, and Tom Cruise plays against type as a reluctant hero.
Cert 12A, 113 minutes    Internet movie database page

Friday 24th October

Films HerHer

Director:  Spike Jonze
Stars:  Joaquin Phoenix, Amy Adams, Scarlett Johansson
A lonely writer develops an unlikely relationship with his computer’s operating system. Set in the near future, when computers have moved on to a more sophisticated level of consciousness, this completely original story is moving and emotionally intense. There are some adult scenes. A brilliantly made film with a strong message about what it means to be human.
Cert 15, 126 minutes    Internet movie database page

Friday 28th November

Films BelleBelle

Director:  Amma Asante
Stars:  Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Matthew Goode, Emily Watson, Tom Wilkinson
Dido Elizabeth Belle is the mixed race illegitimate daughter of a Royal Navy Admiral, raised by aristocrats in 18th Century England. Based on a true story that shaped the developing anti-slavery movement at the time, this is a fascinating insight into the period, as well as an engrossing, romantic story.
Cert 12A, 104 minutes    Internet movie database page



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