Community Led Plan Questionnaire

This stage of the consultation period for the community led plan is now closed and the questionnaires are being analysed by our independent auditor at adventa.  You can still download the questionnaires here for your general interest:

Download paper copies for printing (pdfs):  Adult Questionnaire  /  Young People’s Questionnaire

The results will be published on this web site in due course.

If you have any questions about this please contact Marilyn Dunkelman on 01600 860031 or use the Contact Us form on this web site.

What is a Community Led Plan?

A Community Led Plan (CLP) is a publication that documents what people value about their community, and how they would like to see that community develop.  It considers what facilities and services are lacking, and what assets should be protected.  It is produced by an open process giving as much opportunity as possible for everyone to have their say in order to provide evidence of consensus, and to identify those areas where not everyone agrees.  It is funded by Monmouthshire County Council and is overseen by an independent body appointed by them.  In our case Adventa has been appointed as the independent facilitator, and Shirley Hughes of Adventa will be collating the responses and producing the analysis of results.

What is the point of a CLP?  Because it is an unbiased analysis of the opinions and feelings of a village it carries quite a bit of weight with the council when it comes to developing or planning services, and with funding bodies when applying for grants to provide facilities or services for the village.  The CLP doesn’t have any legal status.  It can’t stop unwelcome development, but it can influence developers so they work with a community.

The Narth and District made a start with the consultation day on 5/6th September when everyone was invited to the hall to identify issues of concern and to say what they liked about the village.  40 people came to the event and Shirley has analysed these responses, and has used them as the basis for the questionnaires (one for adults, one for youth) which are being distributed as paper versions to each house in The Narth, Maryland and Pen y Fan and are available to fill in online from the links above. The questionnaires pick up all the points raised so far, in order to get the view of the community as a whole on each one.

Please help to make this document representative of the views of The Narth by completing a questionnaire, either on paper or online. You can get more paper copies, for others in your household, either by downloading and printing them yourself (the links are also above) or contacting Marilyn either by phone (01600 860031) or using the Contact Us form on this site.

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