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DaffodilsWITuesday  31st March 7.30 for 8pm in the Village Hall

We welcome Paul Green Back for a presentation on Plants of the Season with a wide range of plants for sale from his nursery

All Welcome

Last Month

Members met in the afternoon on 24 February, when fellow member John Dransfield gave a power point presentation on ‘How to Name a New Plant Species’.  The process is a very complex one and a lot of research has to go into finding out the Genus, Family and Species before this can be verified and it has been known to of bought up an older name which takes preference, although this is rare.  The names given to plant species are done in Latin and can be male thus ending in ‘un, female ending in ‘a or other. 

GardeningClubFeb2015Some of the pictures shown were of species newly discovered in the Botanical world which to the trained eye must have been very exciting to see for the first time.  Although a plant can be put under one name the different species can be numerous, the rose is a good example.  The Latin names can be quite daunting to many a gardener but John took members through the process with great efficiency and enthusiasm.  This was followed by tea and homemade cakes.

Next month

Our meeting will be at the usual time of 7.30pm on March 31st when Paul Green will be talking of ‘Plants of the Season’.

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