The Narth WI: February Report and Next Meeting

Next month


Debbie Strickland will be demonstrating the art of ‘Blackwork Stitching’ sometimes known as Spanish blackwork, a form of embroidery generally using black thread stitched on even weave fabric.  The meeting will be on Tuesday 17th March at 7pm in the Village Hall.  New members are always welcome.

Last Month

President Ruth Potter gave a warm welcome to members, new members and visitors to the meeting.  Invitations have been received from Agincourt, Llandogo and Llangwm WI’s. The speaker for the evening was Karen Carmen a Nutritional Therapist.  The importance of a healthy diet was foremost in her talk.  Along with food, water plays a large part in keeping ones system in good working order, although she did not recommend tap water.  Pro-biotic drinks and yoghurts are essential for ones gut as keeping this healthy makes a big difference to ones overall general well being.  Allergies are very prominent in our society and can come at any time of life.  Britain has the third highest of ‘immediate’ allergies in the world.  Ten per cent of the population under the age of forty WINutritionalTherapyfive have one or more allergies, with children in particular being affected.  Illness and stress can cause the situation to worsen as well as mineral and vitamin deficiencies.  Food intolerances in the UK are also rising so making a healthy diet more essential.  Members asked many questions and Karen obliged with very comprehensive answers.

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