WI Report and Next Meeting 21st April

AprilFlowersWINext Meeting Tuesday 21st April

The next W I Meeting in the village hall at 7.30 on Tuesday 21st April when the speaker will be Kay Lunn from Deacons Florist when she will be talking about her Favourite Things in all aspects of professional floristry and design

All welcome so come along and meet your friends.  Refreshments are provided

Last Meeting 17th March

President Ruth welcomed members and visitors to the meeting. A ballot was held for the garden party at Buckingham Palace in June to celebrate the Centenary year and the lucky member attending will be Helen Neill.

A number of members have put their names forward to join Devauden Green WI who will be hosting the screening of the NFWI Annual General Meeting from the Royal Albert Hall in June. Three members will be attending the GFWI Annual Council Meeting in Newport in April.

BlackworkWIThe speaker for the evening was Debbie Strickland who showed many of her samples of ‘Blackwork Stitching’ also known as Spanish blackwork as the art was bought over from Spain by the first wife of Henry the eighth. With the full length garments being the order of the day then, it was inevitable the lower edges got extremely soiled very quickly so this stitching was done on both sides of the edges to disguise the dirty areas. Debbie attended Hampton Court on a two day course in order to learn many aspects of stitching from the ladies who make many items for nobility and the Royal family including wedding robes. The work Debbie showed was exquisite and the effects quite stunning. It looked very complicated, although members were assured it was quite easy once the outline of the design required was done. There are books available which show the step by step instructions for the needlework enthusiast. It was a very impressive evening.

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