The Narth Run: Course Update – Important Changes

Update on The Narth Run, which takes place on 21st June

An inspection has found that part of the course we used in previous years has been left badly rutted by recent forestry operations. The course has always been uneven in places, but this particular section is simply not safe to race on, and we have therefore had to make some changes to the courses for all three races.

The Fun Run, both laps of the 5K, and the first two laps of the 10K are all the same, but with each lap now about 60 metres longer than last year. This unfortunately means that the 5K is now 5.3K, and the Fun Run 2.6K. It would be far too confusing to have the races all starting and finishing in different places, so regrettably there is no sensible way of avoiding those extra metres.

And to ensure that we can again offer an accurate 10K race, the last two laps of the 10K will be slightly different to the first two laps (although these last two laps are identical).

On the day all should rapidly become clear. If you’ve run before you will soon see that the changes are minor. Previous runners in the 10K will have happy (?) memories of the long climb up the hill on the last lap. This year you do that twice – on the last two laps.

The courses will again be well-signposted, and as always we’ll have plenty of marshals in place to help. But runners, especially those who have competed in previous years, will need to be aware of the changes. Updated maps are now available here on the run web pages, and will be available in the Village Hall on the day

Full details about the run here

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