The Glade Playground: The Narth says Thank You!

At the opening of our new playground on Tuesday 16th June, residents of The Narth and District said a big Thank You to Natural Resources Wales for providing this fantastic new resource for the children of the area.  The Village Hall had no money to replace the old equipment after it became unsafe, and for a while it looked as though The Narth was to lose its much-loved children’s playground.  NRW stepped in to save the day, and has provided a complete set of swings and climbing frames which they will maintain for the next five years.


The new playground in our magical, emerald glade

County Councillor Debby Blakebrough, who attended the ceremony, said that after coping with so many austerity cuts this was “an oasis in times of financial drought”, and that this was a special place: “The emerald green glade gives that sense of magic and wonder and reminds me of my childhood and those adventure books. Rather like an Enid Blyton mysterious island it is a place that inspires our childhood imaginations and transports us to far off places.”

Sue Flower's Playground Cake

Sue Flower’s Playground Cake

Local Ranger Emma Felkin, respresenting Natural Resources Wales at the event, said how pleased she was that the playground was appreciated.  Sue Flower of the Village Hall committee baked a special cake for the day, and after the grown-ups had finished their speeches and eaten their fill, the children carried on playing…

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