Beetle Drive & Big Breakfast


Family Beetle Drive, June 2018

The Village Hall committee, all volunteers ourselves, rely on support from the rest of the village and appreciate all the help we get to keep things going at the hall.  From the Glade Tavern volunteers to all the people hiring the hall for village groups, everyone contributes to maintaining our building and facilities, which in return provides everyone with a place for the social activities that are so important to our community.

I wanted to highlight two recent examples of events organised by people not on the committee which have benefitted the hall financially, while providing great, fun social occasions for people of all ages.

Alison and Mark Arnell and their team of young helpers raised £310 from the Big Breakfast, which was divided between hall funds and Home-Start Monmouthshire.  (We have received a letter of thanks from Home-Start which stresses how valuable donations are to enable them to continue to support vulnerable families in the county.)

On 29th June, Rachel Widdicks and Mary Pardington organised the Family Beetle Drive, with food provided by Brendan Pardington.  This raised £155 for hall funds, another valuable contribution.

But mostly, a full room with every generation joining in the fun – that’s what the Village Hall is all about.

Chair of Village Hall Committee

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