Photo Competition 2020



Take Photos for the 2021 Calendar

Or if your talent lies in pencil, charcoal, or oils, photograph your masterpieces and submit an entry!

The theme is Out and About on The Narth 

Capture the changing seasons in Manor Wood, sunrise on Beacon Hill, the excitement of the Raft Race or the frivolity at the Glade Tavern – all would be contenders for inclusion in our 2021 calendar, with the overall winner to appear on the front cover.

Note that the pictures should be jpegs, landscape to fit the calendar format and should be a reasonable resolution for printing (around 300 dpi or more).  Other points are given in the competition rules (below).

Three winners for each season will be included.  The deadline for Winter photos is Friday 20th March 2020 and for Spring photos 30th June 2020.

Final deadline for Summer and Autumn pictures is 27th September 2020

The overall winner will be chosen from the final 12 images and voted by residents at the Village Hall AGM in October.


1. Photographs must be taken on or around The Narth – a reasonably wide area – or include activities like the Raft Race with which the village is involved.

2. Give a title and name the area in which the image was taken.

3. No photos of children will be accepted unless accompanied by confirmation of permission from their parents or guardians.

4. Maximum number of entries for each person is 2 per season.

5. Only landscape JPEGs will be accepted, to fit the calendar format.

6. Photos must be high enough resolution to print, ideally 300 dpi.  If in doubt check the file size – if it is less than 2 MB it may not be suitable.

7. There will be 3 deadlines through the year. Details will appear in the newsletter, village emails and on this website.

8. Finalists will be chosen by a group of judges selected by the Hall Committee, except for the cover photograph which will be voted on by attendees at the Hall Annual General Meeting in October.

9. By submitting an entry you are confirming the following:

  • That the photographs were taken by yourself (or state the name and age if you are submitting them for someone under 16)
  • Your permission for the images (or image owner) to be used in the calendar and any associated publicity, including the village web site and Facebook page  (if you don’t want your picture on the internet please let us know, or we can arrange for it to appear as low resolution only)
  • That the parents/guardians of any children in the pictures have given permission for the inclusion of their images
  • You are happy for your name to appear in the calendar – if you are not willing to do this please state in the accompanying email
  • You understand that by entering this competition, you are agreeing to all the terms and conditions stated above

Submitting an Entry

Send photos as landscape JPEGs to:

Your covering message must state the following:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Telephone no.
  • Title of each image
  • Where each image was taken
  • Season of the year for which you are submitting the image(s)
  • Confirmation of permission for any children’s images to be used, and that you agree to the other rules as above

Have fun and get snapping!


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