Help on The Narth

In these difficult times, a group of us from the Village Hall committee are working on a network to provide support for people who are experiencing difficulties due to Covid 19.

Who we are
How to volunteer

Our Prescription Collections Service

If you Need Help

If you are self-isolating, on your own, or need help in anyway, with shopping or other tasks – posting mail, collecting prescriptions, dog walking or just someone to chat to if you are feeling anxious, contact us in one of these ways:

Need Help Button

  • Click on the Need Help? button and fill in the form
  • Email
  • Phone:
    Larry or Pam on 01600 861836
    Marilyn on 01600 860031
    Jane on 01600 861974

How it will Work

Whatever you need, for example shopping or a prescription collected, we will find a volunteer and pass on your details to them. We’ll get back to you with the name of the volunteer and you can sort out the exact details between you, such as your shopping list.  Make sure you ask volunteers for their name first before talking to them and never pass over money.  See Paying for Shopping

We will ensure confidentiality, sharing only details as needed with our volunteers. We’ve considered people’s safety and security, and we are aware of scams in larger towns and cities. With this in mind, we’ve prepared guidance for volunteers, and taken into account the need to keep people’s details confidential as much as possible without making everything too complicated. We’ll only share details with permission, and between the team on a need-to-know basis. By having a team, we hope we are able to cope with any of us becoming ill.

Most importantly, don’t worry about asking for help – it’s far better to isolate than to risk getting ill.  All our volunteers are very happy to be keeping busy!

Volunteer ButtonHow to Volunteer

We are looking for more people to help with these tasks.  If you are able to volunteer, please click on the ‘Volunteer’ button and fill in the form, or contact us by email or phone (details above).

Paying for Shopping

Several people have expressed a worry about paying volunteers doing their shopping.

We want to minimise contact between people – passing around cash and cheques should be avoided. Not everyone does internet banking, and even if that’s an option, it means volunteers having to give out their bank details.

The Village Hall Committee are therefore providing a central payment system, paying volunteers who do shopping and collecting payment from people for that shopping when it is best to do so.  We’re building in safeguards to keep this secure and safe – get in touch for details.

If you are already doing a neighbour’s shopping and prefer to use this system to sort out payments, please contact us.

Who Are We

Larry Stoter: Representative for The Narth on Trellech United Community Council and current chair of the The Narth & District Village Hall committee

Pam Manfield: Secretary of the Village Hall committee

Marilyn Dunkelman: Treasurer of the Village Hall committee

Jane Gilliard: The Village Hall committee’s Safeguarding officer

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