Help on The Narth

UPDATE 20th December 2020

Help on The Narth is operational and able to help if you need support. Get in touch if you need shopping, prescriptions collected, errands run or just moral support in these difficult times.

Please consider adding your email address to the village mailing list to get the latest news for the duration of the emergency.

Marilyn: 01600 860031   Jane: 01600 861974


Or you can use the Contact Us form on this web site,

UPDATE 19th October 2020

Help on The Narth is still available to help during this short lockdown, although we will not be reinstating the prescription collections for the whole village.  Anyone considered to be in a ‘vulnerable’ group who needs a prescription or shopping during this time, or other forms of support, please contact Marilyn or Jane for help.

If you are shopping for a neighbour, or someone is shopping for you, the payment scheme is still available through the Village Hall account to avoid giving out your bank details.


Help on The Narth is suspending most of its support services from 1st September, which were set up as emergency measures during lockdown.  The forms have been removed, but if you need to contact us you can do so through the Contact Us form on this web site, or phone Marilyn on 01600 860031.

The infrastructure will remain in place in case it is needed again.

Lockdown News will remain available but will not be updated unless there is a major change, and the Wigmores bakery delivery will continue while there is enough demand.  A few people are still being supported with prescription collections and a number of one to one support arrangements are still in place between neighbours.

The volunteer team that came together during the Covid19 emergency was exceptional. It is a testament to the community spirit in our village and we feel it has brought us even closer together (in a socially distanced way!).

A huge Thank You to everyone involved.

Larry, Jane and Marilyncommunity-involvement-clipart

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