Village Food Delivery: Evans of Monmouth

22nd April: NOTE THE CHANGE IN ORDERING PROCEDURES: An online order form has replaced the spreadsheet form – please use the link below to order your next Evans box.

Local food delivery businesses are working very hard to provide a service to everyone, but they do not have the resources to meet the demand for deliveries to individual households.  To help, we have arranged a combined delivery system for fresh food boxes with Evans of Monmouth.  This will ease the pressure on Evans while supporting this local business, provide people who are self-isolating with a regular delivery and, hopefully, assist social distancing by reducing the number of visits to the shops in town.  Evans have told us that they cannot do individual deliveries to our village, so please order through us if you want one of their fresh food boxes.

Who are these deliveries for?

Orders will be dropped off at the Village Hall on Mondays and we will ask our volunteers to deliver the boxes to your door.

Orders must be placed with us (not with Evans) 

Order before midday on Wednesday for delivery the following Monday

There is a minimum order value of £10 and a £3 delivery charge


After you have submitted your order you will see a new web page confirming your order has gone through.  IF YOU DO NOT SEE THIS CONFIRMATION, YOUR ORDER HAS NOT BEEN SUBMITTED.

Anyone unable to use the web form can phone their order through to Tricia Porter on 01600 860913

If you have any queries please email

The normal Evans order form is available from their web site here, but please avoid contacting Evans if you can as they are overwhelmed with calls and emails.

Payment: Your invoice will be delivered with your order, and Evans require bank transfer payments.  If this is a problem to you please contact the Help on The Narth team as we will be able to help. 

We are likely to need more volunteers for all of this as time goes on, so if you haven’t yet put your name forward yet and you are not in a vulnerable category or a key support worker, please get in touch, particularly if you can help with the veggie boxes on Mondays or shopping in general.

Who are these deliveries for

Several people have queried whether these collective deliveries are just for vulnerable and self-isolating people.  The short answer is no.  If it will save a visit to the shops and help with maintaining social distancing, then please use this service.  This will also help by supporting our local businesses. If you are going into town anyway and it will not save a visit, please buy your fruit and vegetables while you are doing your other shopping.

Our area has been particularly hard hit, with some of the highest incidences of the illness reported outside London in the early days of spread, so we want to take our responsibilities very seriously.


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