Reports from the Village Hall AGM

Mabon performing at the hall in February

The Annual General Meeting on 13th October was held online via Zoom, and included a summary report of the Village Hall’s activities and current financial position, elections to the committee and the results of the Photo Competition which are reported in a separate post.

Gwen Reid and Stephen Dix retired from the Committee and we are pleased to announce that Matthew Sadler was elected as a replacement. We are now one member short so we are still recruiting.

As this year’s AGM was held online it was not possible to distribute the Annual Report or to hear from all the village groups, so these reports are available to download below:

Help on The Narth: Evans’ food boxes in the hall’s garage, ready for delivery by our village volunteers during lockdown

AGM Presentation – a summary of the reports from the Chair and Treasurer

Annual Financial Statement 2019/2020

Report from Help on The Narth including financial statement

Reports from Village Groups: this includes the Whist Drive; Footpath Project; Garden Club; Zumba; Wye Valley Women; and Friends of the 65 Bus

Full Annual Report of the Village Hall Committee

It’s been a very difficult year for everyone, and the Village Hall committee want to express their appreciation of the way the village community has pulled together, and pass on our grateful thanks to all the volunteers who have kept things going and supported the village through these strange times.

The Village Hall Committee
Clark, Maria, Marilyn, Sue, Wendy, Lisa, Rachel, Matthew

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