Advice about Travel to Vaccination Centres

A message from Help on The Narth as vaccinations start to be rolled out.

Several people have asked about arrangements for getting to a vaccination clinic for those unable to drive. We have received the following advice from Trellech Surgery: –

  • You are allowed to travel by taxi to attend a vaccination clinic
  • Jock’s Journeys in Monmouth (tel 07456 808427) are offering 50% off the taxi fare to and from vaccination clinics, wherever the clinic is. This offer applies only to people attending a vaccination clinic, and they will pick up from The Narth
  • Neighbours are allowed to offer a lift to another neighbour who is unable to travel to the vaccination clinic independently, but you MUST observe all the advice to wear a mask, distance as much as possible (eg by asking the passenger to sit in the back of the car) and keep the car windows open. This easing of the restrictions only applies to help someone attend for vaccination – you should not ordinarily offer a lift to someone you do not live with (while Level 4 restrictions are in place)
  • If a patient is completely housebound and has visits from the District Nurse, they can ring the surgery and request to be put on the “housebound list”. Arrangements can then be made for the vaccination to be offered at home. They stress that this only applies to people who are definitely unable to leave the house

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