Virtual Events at the Hall: The Art of Sourdough

On Tuesday 20th April in the afternoon there is another ‘Virtual Village Hall’ event as the Wye Valley Women invite others to join their online talk on The Art of Sourdough with Guy Stafford.

During the talk, Guy hopes to be able to demonstrate  the whole process, resulting in a baked loaf, and will share lots of helpful tips along the way.  That’s on Tuesday, 20th April – doors open 2.15pm, talk starts 2.30.  To join, please contact the Wye Valley Women  A link will be sent to you to join the event. (Members will receive the link in their normal news mail so do not need to book in advance.)  There is no charge but a donation is appreciated.

If you have a question you would like to ask it helps to let them know in advance.

May’s talk will be about why solitary bees are important creatures to attract into your garden, with speaker George Pilkington showing some of his innovative solutions for attracting and keeping solitary bees happy.

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