Land Opposite Village Hall

The Village Hall Committee have received a number of queries regarding the use of the gravelled area opposite the village hall. This land is not owned by the village hall and as such, the Hall Committee has no authority or influence over its use or condition. We believe that this land forms part of the highway and therefore owned by Monmouthshire County Council.

For clarity, the trustees of the village hall (the Committee) only have responsibility for the hall buildings and immediate car park, within the hall boundary. Our remit is governed in legislation by our charity status.

The Committee are often asked to either run or sanction events in the village that do not directly involve the hall buildings. Whilst we are generally supportive of these events and may volunteer to help as individuals, we do not have the authority to permit or refuse such events.

Whilst the members of the Committee are not experts on all matters concerning the village, we will try to provide help or advice wherever we can.

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