Put Out a Pumpkin for Halloween

The village Pumpkin Trail is ready for the weekend and here is a map of just some of the pumpkins that can be spotted. There will be others, pictures or actual pumpkins, so keep your eyes peeled!

(Please remember we are in lockdown and this is for your daily exercise walk around the village in your household group.)

Social distancing means Halloween Trick or Treating is out this year, but we don’t want the children to miss out entirely. We are asking people to Put Out a Pumpkin for Halloween, so family groups can take their children on a pumpkin hunt around the village. Parents may decide to give them a treat for each one they spot.

If you plan to display your pumpkin, can you let the Village Hall committee know please as we are putting together a map to let parents know where to go. Use our Contact Us form to tell us your house name, or post on the village Facebook page.

It doesn’t have to be a real pumpkin. If you don’t have one. A picture in your window, or somewhere else that can be seen easily, would do instead.

With thanks to Jo Mainwaring for the idea.

The Narth Photo Competition: The Winners

The twelve photographs selected for the calendar are shown below. The winner of the public vote for the front cover of the calendar was Deer in Bluebells by Elisa Best. Order you calendars here

Narthinia, Elisa Best
Winter on Trellech Common, Janni Menday
Manor Wood, Graham Agg
Deer in Bluebells, Elisa Best
Out for Lunch, Rob Stocker
Common Spotted-orchid, Jon Dunkelman
Thicket, Derek Rainsford
Female Ruddy Darter, Larry Stoter
Autumn Leaves, Sue Goodlass
Shaggy Inkcaps, Sarah Pilkington
Winter Sunbeams, Greg Browning
First Snow, Jen Bannister

Order your Calendar for Christmas

Out and About on The Narth 2021

Order deadline: Sunday 1st November

Order your 2021 Calendars featuring the winning photographs from The Narth Photography Competition. Calendars are A4 size and cost £5 each. Padded envelopes for posting the calendars can also be ordered at 40p each.

You can see thumbnails of the pictures selected here.

Unfortunately, we cannot undertake to post them to you, but they can be delivered to residents on The Narth, Pen y Fan and Maryland, or you can arrange to collect them.


Reports from the Village Hall AGM

Mabon performing at the hall in February

The Annual General Meeting on 13th October was held online via Zoom, and included a summary report of the Village Hall’s activities and current financial position, elections to the committee and the results of the Photo Competition which are reported in a separate post.

Gwen Reid and Stephen Dix retired from the Committee and we are pleased to announce that Matthew Sadler was elected as a replacement. We are now one member short so we are still recruiting.

As this year’s AGM was held online it was not possible to distribute the Annual Report or to hear from all the village groups, so these reports are available to download below:

Help on The Narth: Evans’ food boxes in the hall’s garage, ready for delivery by our village volunteers during lockdown

AGM Presentation – a summary of the reports from the Chair and Treasurer

Annual Financial Statement 2019/2020

Report from Help on The Narth including financial statement

Reports from Village Groups: this includes the Whist Drive; Footpath Project; Garden Club; Zumba; Wye Valley Women; and Friends of the 65 Bus

Full Annual Report of the Village Hall Committee

It’s been a very difficult year for everyone, and the Village Hall committee want to express their appreciation of the way the village community has pulled together, and pass on our grateful thanks to all the volunteers who have kept things going and supported the village through these strange times.

The Village Hall Committee
Clark, Maria, Marilyn, Sue, Wendy, Lisa, Rachel, Matthew

Photo Competition – Vote for your Favourite

The 12 winners of the photo competition have been chosen and were announced at the Village Hall AGM on 13th October. We want residents to vote for one of the 12 to also print on the front cover.

The winning pictures and voting form are available using the link below. Please just select one picture. Voting closes at midnight on Thursday 15th October.

The topic was Out and About on The Narth and as you can see, in this lockdown year there was a focus on the natural world around us.

Sorry, voting is now closed. See the winning photos here

The calendars will be printed and on sale in time for Christmas, with proceeds going towards hall funds.

Photographers! We’ll be running another Photo Competition for next year so keep taking pictures and send them in to Maria as before.

Village Hall AGM 13 October 2020

This year the AGM will take place online via Zoom, on Tuesday 13th October at 7.30pm

All residents are invited to attend, and we would very much appreciate your support in this difficult year.

A link to the meeting will be emailed to everyone on the Village Email List. If you are not on the list please contact us using our form here to be sent a link or to ask to be added to the mailing list. The link will take you straight to the meeting, using a computer, tablet or phone. You do not need to install anything in advance.

The meeting will be shorter than usual, as village reports will be posted online rather than given during the meeting. We will give a short report of the hall’s activities in the last year and our current situation, as well as a summary of the financial report. Full versions of these reports will be posted online.

Last year’s minutes are here: Minutes of The Narth Hall AGM October 2019 (pdf file)

The agenda will be

  • Review of the year
  • Our current situation and looking forward
  • Discussion time – your chance to ask questions and give your opinion
  • Elections to the Committee
  • Results of the photo competition
  • 100 Club draw

We Value Your Support

For more information, or if you are thinking about joining the committee or other ways you can help, contact the committee via the Contact Us form on this web site or call one of the current committee

The Committee page will give you more information about the charity, and a link to the current Charity Scheme (constitution) and policies

Hall to Stay Closed for Now

The Village Hall committee has been discussing for some time when and how we can reopen the hall, and a great deal of preparation has been done to that end. However, with cases of Covid-19 rising again, the committee has decided that the hall will stay closed for the time being.

This decision will be reviewed regularly, and we will continue to monitor the regulations and advice from the Welsh Government and Monmouthshire County Council. (The Council staff have been particularly helpful in answering our queries.)

In making this decision we have taken into account the responses to our questionnaire. These have shown that opinion is clearly divided in the village about whether we should reopen soon, and the concern expressed by some people was one of the factors in our decision. We welcome your continued input – please fill in the questionnaire if you have not already done so.

We have also looked at the layout of the hall and the viability of any events we could hold, as well as the amount of work that would be required by our volunteers to maintain high safety standards. This research will all be useful for the time when we are able to resume activities.

While the hall is closed, we are considering other ways we could interact as a village community. For example, we plan to run the hall’s Christmas Card distribution this year (but with more safety measures in place).

We will keep you informed, mainly through this web site and the village email list. If you do not receive our emails, you can request to be added to the circulation using our Contact form.

Thank you, everyone, for your continued patience and support.

The Narth & District Village Hall Committee

Opening the Hall: Your Opinion?

Please respond to our questionnaire even if you were not a regular user of the Village Hall.

The Village Hall Committee are looking at whether we can resume some activities at the Village Hall. This would require rigorous health & safety precautions. We are investigating which activities, if any, could return within the current legislation.

We have had feedback from most of the village groups, and opinions vary widely. Some are keen to get back, others will not consider doing so this year.

We value the opinion of our residents on this. We are aware that some people feel we should not open the hall at all, but we don’t know whether that is a small minority or a general feeling.

We have set up a short questionnaire, which is anonymous, and encourage people in the village to fill this in. Please let us know your thoughts using the link below. It will help us to decide how we should proceed.

If you would like a response to any particular comments or questions, please contact the Committee using the Contact Us form

Link to Questionnaire: Should We Aim to Reopen the Hall in the Near Future?