Put Out a Pumpkin for Halloween

The village Pumpkin Trail is ready for the weekend and here is a map of just some of the pumpkins that can be spotted. There will be others, pictures or actual pumpkins, so keep your eyes peeled!

(Please remember we are in lockdown and this is for your daily exercise walk around the village in your household group.)

Social distancing means Halloween Trick or Treating is out this year, but we don’t want the children to miss out entirely. We are asking people to Put Out a Pumpkin for Halloween, so family groups can take their children on a pumpkin hunt around the village. Parents may decide to give them a treat for each one they spot.

If you plan to display your pumpkin, can you let the Village Hall committee know please as we are putting together a map to let parents know where to go. Use our Contact Us form to tell us your house name, or post on the village Facebook page.

It doesn’t have to be a real pumpkin. If you don’t have one. A picture in your window, or somewhere else that can be seen easily, would do instead.

With thanks to Jo Mainwaring for the idea.