Evans of Monmouth Deliveries to the Village Hall

Evans of Monmouth are now delivering their food boxes to the hall. Their range includes fruit, vegetables, dairy produce, meat, fish and many store cupboard staples (pasta, tinned goods, flour, condiments, drinks and more).

Deliveries are fortnightly on Thursdays. Orders must be placed by midday the day before delivery (i.e. by 12.30pm Wednesday for delivery on Thursday).

There is a minimum order value of £10 and an administration charge of £3 on orders less than £30.

The next delivery will be Thursday 26th November – orders must be in by noon on Wednesday 25th.

The system for ordering and collection is as follows:

  1. Download the order form from the Evans of Monmouth web site here (opens in separate tab or window)
  2. Phone or email Evans with your order, stating it is for delivery to The Narth hall.
    Telephone 01600 712005 or email orders@evansofmonmouth.com
  3. Let Help on The Narth know when you place your first order to be added to our ‘Customer Group’.
    Phone or email Marilyn 01600 860031 or shoponthenarth@gmail.com
  4. Everyone in the Customer Group will be notified when the delivery has arrived at the hall, preferably by text message or email but other methods can be arranged
  5. You can collect your box at your convenience that day, up to 4.30pm
  6. Pay Evans of Monmouth direct by bank transfer if you can – instructions will be on the invoice with your order
  7. If you cannot pay by bank transfer, the village hall will pay for you. You can then pay the hall by cheque or cash
  8. If you are isolating or in a vulnerable group (over 70 or with an pre-existing condition) we can arrange for a volunteer to deliver your order to you

You will be given more details about how to collect, including our safety and social distancing guidelines when you let us know you are placing your first order.

We are grateful to Evans staff for supporting the villages and hope that residents will continue to support our independent local businesses.

Trellech Surgery: Important Updates

August 11th Update:

The Prescription Collection and Delivery Service from Help on The Narth will stop at the end of this month. The last collection/delivery will be Thursday 27th August.  

A huge thank you to the volunteers who have made this service possible during Covid Lockdown.

Please be reassured that if there is a ‘second wave’ of the virus and a further lockdown, the service will be resumed.

July 8th Update:

The Trellech Surgery has asked us to remind patients that the Help on The Narth prescription collection and delivery service continues. They ask that as many patients as possible use it. This reduces the risk of infection to staff at the surgery, to other patients visiting the surgery (some of whom are very sick) and to the community at large, thereby reducing the risk of a second wave.

June 2020: A summary of information from Wye Valley Practice sent to Help on The Narth

The surgery continues to operate a telephone triage system, ensuring patients get the most appropriate care at the right time.  All consultations are initially over the phone or via video (where it is appropriate, the patient feels confident and technology is on our side). Continue reading

Do you sew? Join the Mask Making group

Home made face mask

Our home made face mask

Do you sew? Would you be willing to make masks for friends and neighbours in the village?

Do you want one of our custom-made masks?

The Welsh Government are advising everyone to wear a mask on public transport and in situations where distancing is difficult. There’s research evidence that a cotton mask can reduce the spread of infection through droplets by up to 90%.

We have set up a village mask-making consortium! If you have the skills & time and would like to help, please let us know. We’d also be grateful for donations of oddments of cotton material, herringbone tape, binding and elastic.

Contact Jane Gilliard via helponthenarth@gmail.com

Here’s how to make a mask

How to Get your Mask

Masks are available in adult and child sizes with various patterns, and with elastic or ties.

To get yours email helponthenarth@gmail.com or ring Jane on 861974

Mask selection

There’s no charge but a donation to the Village Hall is appreciated.

Masks should be washed after each wearing, so we will each need at least 2 masks.

Wiggies’ Bread Orders

Click here to place your order

(form opens in a new tab or window)

UPDATE 27th JULY: From the end of July a self-collection system will operate from the Village Hall. After you have placed your order you will receive details of how this works. The hall garage will be open from 11.30 am to 5 pm for you to pick up your order and we ask you to be aware of the social distancing and other safety rules.

NEW: Standing Order option. Let us know if you have a standard order you would like each week and we will submit it for you, so you don’t forget.

If you want anything different, place an order as normal but note this will over-ride your standing order so remember to add your basics as well.

Send your standing order to shoponthenarth@gmail.com

Buy bread and cakes from Wigmores Bakery (Wiggies) through the Village Hall committee combined ordering/delivery system.  Items will be delivered to the Hall on Saturdays.  There is no minimum order amount, but there will be a small charge to cover Village Hall costs of setting up and running this service (£8 a week). This will be divided pro rata over the orders received in a week, so should be a small amount.

You will pay the Village Hall for your order, and we will make one payment to Wiggies to cover all the orders each week.

Orders must be placed with us, not Wiggies, before midday on Thursday for delivery on Saturday.  Continue reading

Village Food Delivery: Evans of Monmouth

5th AUGUST: As there has been a drop in demand for Evans boxes from the hall, there will no longer be a delivery to the village. The Hall Committee want to say a huge THANK YOU to Evans staff and volunteers for providing the village with a desperately needed service during the height of the lockdown, as well as acknowledging the wonderful team of volunteers that helped get the boxes around the village.

Evans are continuing to run a Click and Collect service from their premises on the Wonastow Road Industrial Estate and you can place your order on their web site here www.evansofmonmouth.com/veg-box-order-form

We hope residents will continue to support Evans and the other local businesses that kept their services going during those difficult times.

27th JULY: From the end of July a self-collection system will operate from the Village Hall. After you have placed your order you will receive details of how this works. The hall will be open from 11.45 am to 12.30 pm for you to pick up your order and we ask you to be aware of the social distancing and other safety rules.

Local food delivery businesses are working very hard to provide a service to everyone, but they do not have the resources to meet the demand for deliveries to individual households.  To help, we have arranged a combined delivery system for fresh food boxes with Evans of Monmouth.  This will ease the pressure on Evans while supporting this local business, provide people who are self-isolating with a regular delivery and, hopefully, assist social distancing by reducing the number of visits to the shops in town.  Evans have told us that they cannot do individual deliveries to our village, so please order through us if you want one of their fresh food boxes.

Orders will be dropped off at the Village Hall on Mondays.

Orders must be placed with us (not with Evans) 

Order before midday on Wednesday for delivery the following Monday

There is a minimum order value of £10 and a £3 delivery charge

If you have any queries please email ShopOnTheNarth@gmail.com


Prescription Collections Procedure


This is new information about our prescription collection service. We have agreed a twice weekly collection service with Trellech Surgery on Tuesdays and Thursdays

Please try to order your repeat prescriptions at least one week before you need them

If you need someone to collect a prescription, please contact Help on The Narth before you contact the surgery to order the prescription. We will give you the name of the volunteer who will collect your prescription and the day on which they will collect it. You can then order in your usual way.

If you order your prescriptions online, there is a free text box where you can add the name of the volunteer who will collect the prescriptions.

If you order by telephone, please add the name of the volunteer to the end of the message after you’ve given your name, date of birth and item required.

If you are a patient at one of the Monmouth surgeries, we have a dedicated volunteer who will pick up prescriptions from these surgeries. Please contact us and we will pass the message to the volunteer and let you know what arrangements we have been able to put in place.

If you need an urgent prescription or any other errand involving any of the surgeries, please get in touch. We can arrange individual collections for anything that can’t wait until our next scheduled collection


Email: helponthenarth@gmail.com

Jane 861974
Larry 861836
Marilyn 860031

Help on The Narth

UPDATE 19th October 2020

Help on The Narth is still available to help during this short lockdown, although we will not be reinstating the prescription collections for the whole village.  Anyone considered to be in a ‘vulnerable’ group who needs a prescription or shopping during this time, or other forms of support, please contact Marilyn or Jane for help.

If you are shopping for a neighbour, or someone is shopping for you, the payment scheme is still available through the Village Hall account to avoid giving out your bank details.

Marilyn: 01600 860031   Jane: 01600 861974

Or you can use the Contact Us form on this web site,


Help on The Narth is suspending most of its support services from 1st September, which were set up as emergency measures during lockdown.  The forms have been removed, but if you need to contact us you can do so through the Contact Us form on this web site, or phone Marilyn on 01600 860031.

The infrastructure will remain in place in case it is needed again.

Lockdown News will remain available but will not be updated unless there is a major change, and the Wigmores bakery delivery will continue while there is enough demand.  A few people are still being supported with prescription collections and a number of one to one support arrangements are still in place between neighbours.

The volunteer team that came together during the Covid19 emergency was exceptional. It is a testament to the community spirit in our village and we feel it has brought us even closer together (in a socially distanced way!).

A huge Thank You to everyone involved.

Larry, Jane and Marilyncommunity-involvement-clipart