B4293 Closures from 11th September

Road closed 1874034There’s been some confusion about which stretches of the B4293 are closed and when, over the period 11th to 25th September.  The Pelham Hall web site is keeping up to date and has comprehensive information here.  With thanks to David May for doing this.

The Friends of the 65 Bus have details of the revised routes and timetable for the bus over this period on their Facebook page

Narth Lane closure: 3rd September

Road closed 1874034Narth Lane will be closed to traffic temporarily soon, probably from 3rd September to 5th September if all goes to plan. This is to allow a BT telegraph pole to be replaced.  The council’s official notice says that ‘reasonable access will be maintained for properties fronting the affected lengths of road during the period of the closure.’

Map showing closed section

Please direct any queries to the Highways Department at Monmouthshire County Council: highways@monmouthshire.gov.uk or 01633 644644.