Community Led Plan

TheNarthPlanCoverThe Community Led Plan was published in May 2015, and each household in The Narth, Maryland and Pen y Fan received a copy.  You can download the plan here:

The Narth & District Community Led Plan May 2015 (pdf)

The Plan is just the first stage.  The Village Hall Committee are working on some of the action points, other actions are for individual residents to consider.  A number of initiatives are coming out of the Plan and we’ll be keeping the village informed of progress through our newsletters and this web site.

If anyone in the village would like to help us with any of the potential activities or services described in the plan, please get in touch with the Village Hall committee. We would particularly like to hear from people who could run community learning events in the hall, help organise services or help running social events.

The CLP Steering Group are grateful for the support of Monmouthshire County Council who provided the funding for this Plan, and particularly grateful for all the help we’ve had from Shirley Hughes, formerly of adventa, who started us on the path, organised the consultation event and questionnaire, ploughed through all the responses to provide the statistics and organised the printing of the document.

Now it’s up to us!

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