History of The Narth

The Narth and District Chapter 1The book The Narth and District: An Anecdotal History of the 20th Century  was published in 2000.  Compiled by Gordon Casson for the Village Hall committee, the book is the story of the people of The Narth and their way of life from 1900 to 1999.  It also contains an annotated walk around the village by Sue Stocker, and is illustrated throughout with pictures from the past.

The pdf (link below) contains the first chapter.  For the full story you can  get copies of the book from the Village Hall committee for an appropriate donation.

The Narth and District – Chapter 1

2 thoughts on “History of The Narth

  1. Hello, I am interested in purchasing the book on The Narth – if you could let me know if you have any available please. My grandparents lived in ‘Wayside Cottage” (before it was updated)- they had a chicken farm and strawberry fields and then they had a bungalow built on the other side of the lane – it was called “homeleigh” then after me. I have very fond memories of the village and have old photos. This would have been up to about 1973/1975 I think. Hoping that you have a book available and someone will contact me. Thank you,
    Mrs Leigh Lewis

    • Can you use the Contact Us page on this web site to let me know your email address please, so we can arrange this? Go to the Hall Committee page where you will find a link to a contact form. Thanks!

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